Patient Testimonals

"I utilize LaVita for their personalized service and the knowledge of their pharmacists & staff. Researching health information is time consuming and the results are often biased. Many Internet sites are sponsored by companies promoting a product or a service. When I speak with the staff at LaVita I know I am getting objective information. My physician consulted with LaVita’s pharmacists in compounding my medications."
Jane Stampe
San Francisco, CA
Venture Capital Executive

"I just wanted to say a few things about all of you at LaVita... you are all wonderful! I have found your entire staff extremely helpful and responsive to my questions and needs.  I always receive a prompt call back if I have leave a message.  We are on the go from state to state and getting ready to sail the world... I already know that I will be able to get what I need when I need it from you, this is HUGE!  I also appreciated the "Wine, Women and Hormone" meetings you have conducted; these meet a great need and are very educational.  It really is incredible."

 "I really can not say enough about you and your services.  I have used another compounding pharmacy in the past and nothing compares to LaVita.  Keep up the good work and know that your services and hearts desires are making an impact."
Lisa Brackin
Sailing Vessel Songbird

"I love LaVita's compounds. I wear makeup all day and I can't wait to wash my face with LaVita’s face wash. My skin feels so fresh and clean. I get so many compliments from people who tell me my skin looks younger. The compounds are fabulous!"
Karen Scheaffer
Carlsbad, CA
CND, International Beauty Company

"Being an Olympic gold medalist and retired professional athlete, I’m no stranger to pain. I had heard about La Vita’s Transdermal Pain medications and I decided to try one. I’m so glad I did! The cream is prescription strength and it really relieved my pain without having to take pills that can make you sick to your stomach or make you tired. I was able to rub the cream on and go about my day-relieved of pain and not suffering any bad side-effects. All the Olympic and pro athletes use these creams for speedy recovery and relief of pain."
Shannon Macmillan
UCLA Asst. Women’s Soccer Coach
Olympic Gold Medalist and Retired Professional Athlete

"I have been using La Vita Compounding Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions since 2007. I am very happy with their personal service. Their level of professionalism is without equal. In addition, they work hard to get me competitive pricing on each of my prescriptions with them. I am very pleased to recommend La Vita to any customer!"
Barry Nussbaum
Solana Beach, California

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