Doctor Testimonals

"I use La Vita Compounding Pharmacy because I value experience, integrity, and professionalism. I love the speed of service, friendly and informative customer service, and easy access to pharmacists for providers with questions. La Vita is also committed to education and quality assurance, which I greatly appreciate."
Raneth Heng, M.D.
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

"I have worked very closely with La Vita Compounding Pharmacy since their inception. Their pharmacists are consistent, informed, professional, and dependable. My patients love La Vita because exceptional customer service. I would whole heartedly recommend La Vita Compounding pharmacy with the highest level of recommendation."
Judith Rubin, MD
Healthy Reflections
Gig Harbor, WA

"As a spinal surgeon I treat conditions that can be very challenging and addressing the patient's pain can be very difficult. I have had good results with La Vita’s transdermal pain creams and they have provided my patient’s optimal and safe pain relief."
Janet Dunlap, MD
Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon
Orthropaedic Specialists of North County

"I use La Vita because they share in my philosophy of treating the whole person and utilizing natural ingredients whenever possible. I can count on La Vita’s staff not only for fantastic customer service but also to provide me with the most current research and their consultation is based on years of experience in treating thousands of patients. I also use La Vita because I need to be assured the quality and potency of my patient’s personalized prescriptions are what I prescribed."
Amanda Ward, ND
Bloom Natural Health
Encinitas, CA

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