Referring Doctors

If you are looking for physicians trained and knowlegable in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Pain Management and an integrative approach to your care,  the following physicians are recommeded:

Cole, Andrea MD 760.633.1315 Encinitas
Hutchison, Diane MD 760.634.6922 Encinitas
Kelly, Kim ND 760.533.2883 Encinitas
Luber, Paula MD 760.944.2986 Encinitas
Olafson, Linda MD 760.944.2986 Encinitas
Orian, Michael * ND 760.230.4982 Encinitas
Ward, Amanda ND 760.230.4982 Encinitas
Weiss, Danielle MD 760.753.3636 Encinitas
Williamson, Linette MD 760.230.4982 Encinitas
Larson, David MD 760.230.1317 Encinitas
Bonakdar, Robert * MD 858.554.3301 La Jolla
Delhumi, Sarah MD 858.554.3301 La Jolla
Fitzpatrick, Moira ND 858.531.5840 La Jolla
Guarneri, Erminia MD 858.531.5840 La Jolla
Leopold, David* MD 858.554.3301 La Jolla
Leverone, Brooke ND 858.775.5123 La Jolla
McNally, Ryan A ND 858.427.5060 La Jolla
Oberg, Erica ND 858.224.5933 La Jolla
McClellan, Stephanie MD 949.719.3600 Newport Beach
Gentile, Eve M MD 949.218.3001 San Clemente
Austin, Kelly ND 858.705.1727 San Diego
Richburg, Allen* MD 858.793.7860 San Diego
Rodriguez, Rebeccah * MD 858.793.7860 San Diego
Lee, Karen Elizabeth MD 858.259.9900 Solana Beach
Noel, Lauren ND 858.480.5024 Solana Beach
Cicerone, Aliza ND 858.228.4188 Solana Beach
Rubin, Judith MD 858.866.6342 Telemedicine-serving CA and WA
Deckert, Patricia DO 619.401.1737 El Cajon
Briggs, Bridget MD 951.698.6090 Murrietta
Phillips, Lily MD 951.231.1385 Murrietta
Boyatt, Kelly MD 951.303.2277 Temecula
Lundquist, Erik MD 951.303.2277 Temecula
Adema, Donald DO 619.596.5445 Santee  
Ortiz, Nicole ND  760.600.5325 Palm Springs  
Humiston, John MD 619.814.5500 San Diego
Gray, Janette MD 619.814.5500 San Diego
Gabbard, Juliana  NP 619.814.5500 San Diego
Whiteside, Barbara NP 619.814.5500 San Diego
Farnesi, Darren MD 619.795.6700 San Diego
Reese, Kristine ND 619.239.5433 San Diego
Sandison, Heather ND 619.239.5433 San Diego
Silva, Melinda MD 619.761.1574 Chula Vista
Marroquin, Liza MD 619.962.2323 Chula Vista
* Pain Management Specialty ALL -  Healthy Aging Integrative Medicine  
MD   - Medical Doctor   NP  - Nurse Practicioner
ND  -  Naturopathic Doctor DO - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine