What is Your Compounding Pharmacy Doing to Make Sure Your Medications Are Safe?

Make sure your compounding pharmacy is PCAB Accredited®.

The Professional Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) is a voluntary quality accreditation designation for the compounding industry. PCAB brings together the expertise the leading pharmacy organizations in the United States in the field of compounding pharmacy. The following are organizations who founded PCAB and whom make up the PCAB Board of Directors:

• American College of Apothecaries
• National Community Pharmacists Association
• American Pharmacists Association
• National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations
• International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
• National Home Infusion Association
• National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
• United States Pharmacopeia

La Vita is proud to be a PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacy for both sterile and non-sterile compounding. Our accreditation shows our dedication to protecting our patients by practicing safe, high-quality compounding. While all compounding pharmacies are regulated by the State Board of Pharmacy, PCAB® Accreditation is an even more comprehensive way to ensure a compounding pharmacy has undergone the profession’s most rigorous review and inspection measures. 

To earn the designation “PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacy,” we completed an extensive application that was reviewed by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. Our compounding policies and procedures were then reviewed by professionals. Next, we opened our doors for an extensive on-site inspection led by compounding experts. Only when these stringent evaluations were completed did the PCAB® officially grant us the PCAB® Seal of Accreditation. 
Only 163 of the 7,000 compounding pharmacies in the US have applied for accreditation. Of those 163, only half are accredited for their sterile compounding.

Less than 1% of all compounding pharmacies are accredited for sterile compounding.  La Vita is one of them.
You can feel safe about the compounding pharmacies accredited by PCAB because:

• PCAB has verified that the pharmacy is not on probation for issues related to compounding quality, public safety or controlled substances.

• PCAB has verified that the pharmacy is properly licensed in each state in which it does business.

• A  PCAB surveyor has completed an extensive on-site evaluation.  This evaluation includes:

1. An assessment of the pharmacy’s system for assuring and maintaining staff competency.
2. A review of facilities and equipment.
3. Review of records and procedures required to prepare quality compounded medications.
4. Verification that the pharmacy uses ingredients from FDA registered and or licensed sources.
5. Review of the pharmacy’s program for testing and checking their compounded preparations.
6. PCAB performs evaluations every three years and reserves the right to do “drop in” surveys to be sure pharmacies are compliant with PCAB standards.

Our new accreditation status as a PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacy lets you know that La Vita shows dedication to protecting our patients by practicing safe, high-quality compounding.

Take- Aways:

• To learn more about PCAB Accreditation® and to see if your compounding pharmacy is accredited, please visit www.pcab.org.

• Patients ALWAYS have a right to choose which pharmacy fills their prescriptions.

• Whenever possible, go to the compounding pharmacy for a site visit.


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