Compounding Sterile Injectables: Cleaning The "Clean Room"

We know the use of clean, new needles is important to stop the possible spread of disease, but what about what goes in the needle?

Making sterile products is the most critical type of compounding and ensuring the safety and quality of sterile injectables is serious business. PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacies must adhere to the strictest pharmacy regulations, including rigorous documentation of disinfection of the clean room where sterile injectables are compounded.

The level of cleanliness in a clean room in a PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacy can be compared to that of an operating room in a hospital.  Only staff specially trained in high-level disinfection are permitted to clean the clean room areas including countertops, shelving, vents, ante-room sinks and storage bin surfaces daily at the beginning of the work shift prior to compounding.

Pharmacy staff must clean every 30 minutes during continuous compounding.
That’s a lot of cleaning and that’s the way it should be! Sacrificing protocol in this process is simply unacceptable and unsafe.

Remember, you have the right to choose a pharmacy that you can trust. Always choose a PCAB Accredited® compounding pharmacy. If your physician uses a pharmacy that is not PCAB Accredited®, take a few minutes to search the PCAB website ( to find an accredited compounding pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

Take-Aways: Some good questions to ask your compounding pharmacy!

•    Does the facility have "state of the art" equipment?
•   Does the pharmacy have "standard operating procedures"?
•   Are there any unresolved complaints with the Board of Pharmacy?
•   Can we see your facility?

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