You Don't Have to be an Olympic Athlete to Get Gold Medal Relief!

Will and Kate recently lit the torch in London and just like that, the 2012 Olympic Summer Games had begun!
There’s nothing like the Olympics: the drama, the upsets, the comebacks and oh yeah…the pain.

Olympic athletes are the best of the best and when they experience inflammation and pain they simply cannot afford to take prescription pain medications that often bring unwanted side effects including stomach upset, drowsiness, liver toxicity and the possibility of addiction.

Olympic doctors prescribe athletes transdermal pain creams. These creams offer the positive effects of oral meds while greatly reducing the unwanted side-effects.   Transdermal (absorbed through the skin) anti-inflammatory compounds are applied directly to the affected area without having to medicate the entire body.      

"Being an Olympic gold medalist and retired professional athlete, I’m no stranger to pain. La Vita’s Transdermal Pain medications are prescription strength and really relieve my pain without having to take pills that can make me sick to my stomach or tired. I was able to rub the cream on and go about my day-relieved of pain and not suffering any bad side-effects. Everyone should use these creams for speedy recovery and relief of pain."
- Shannon Macmillan
  Director of Coaching for Competitive Girls with Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
  Olympic Gold Medalist and Retired Professional Athlete
Don’t worry- you don’t have to go out and become one of the best soccer players in the world to benefit from these creams. They are extremely effective for acute injuries requiring immediate relief and are also utilized to provide relief from chronic pain such as carpal tunnel and arthritis.

Simply ask your doctor if prescription transdermal pain creams may be right for you.

“I have many of my patients on La Vita’s topical anti-inflammatory medications. They are consistently very pleased with the improvements in pain and function and are able to continue sport activity at a high level while continuing to heal.”
- F. Allen Richburg, MD
  Medical Physician US Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista
  San Diego Sports Medicine Group

Doctors agree these transdermal pain creams are good for any of us who are experiencing pain, not just Olympians.
Oh, and Will and Kate can use them too.

Take-Home Messages:
• Increased efficacy for pain relief
• Fewer negative side effects
• Used for both acute and chronic pain
• More cost efficient
• Insurance often covers

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