About Us

If Experience, Consistency and Results matter - La Vita Compounding Pharmacy is the right company for you. Our pharmacists have been helping physicians formulate customized solutions for their patients for over 12 years. We have a state-of-the-art compounding facility and one of the only Accredited clean rooms in California. Hundreds of physicians and thousands of patients across the United States depend on La Vita to customize their medications.

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To be the premier provider of custom compounded prescriptions that enriches the patient’s quality of life.


Our vision is to lead the compounding industry in the innovation, quality formulation, research and education related to delivering customized compounded prescriptions ensuring the healthcare provider can offer their patients the invaluable advantage of choice.

We achieve this by operating a state of the art compounding pharmacy, staffed with skilled, customer focused and experienced compounding professionals, providing physicians a more consistent, accurate, safe and cost effective formulation process resulting in higher customer satisfaction and compliance.

Patient Promise

Living better longer through customized prescription solutions formulated specifically for you with physician collaboration, efficacious products and simplified patient education.

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